Call for Applications: New DFG Research Group on Normativity, Critique, Change

The new Research Training Group at the Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität and Berlin University of the Arts invites interested candidates for doctoral and postdoc positions to its online event. The PhD program takes an interdisciplinary perspective on questions of normativity at the nexus of critique and change. It aims to study the complexity of rule application in the arts, in legal and linguistic practices and in the moral and religious spheres. A call for applications to fill the 14 doctoral and 2 postdoc positions will be released immediately after the kick-off event. A more detailed description of the GRK can be found at:

Informational event concerning the call for applications will be held on March 15, 2021, 14.15-17.30 (Central European Time).


14.15-15.15: Prentation

15.15-15.45: General Q&A

16.00-17.00: Q&A with individual PIs


The Research Training Group 2638 will be bilingual. The presentation will be in German. Questions and all contributions can be submitted in English.


The event will be hosted via WebEx and will be accessible from 14.00 on.
Access the WebEx link:

Password: GRK2638

Registration is not obligatory. Further questions can be directed to:

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