Workshop: “Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Rule of Law”, 12-13 March 2020

Workshop der Vereinigung für Recht und Gesellschaft
Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

The rule of law feeds on the idea of the law’s independence; it is based on the assumption of autonomy of the law. Since its beginnings, sociology of law has questioned this autonomy in different ways and with regard to its social functions; socio-legal studies have shown how courts and tribunals, while asserting themselves as “neutral” and “objective”, are social and cultural actors embedded in society.

The workshop discusses socio-legal perspectives on the rule of law against the background of current delegitimizations of legal institutions. What is the role of the rule of law in socio-legal terms? We invite socio-legal perspectives to contribute to a debate that so far has taken place primarily in public law and political science. The workshop will focus on social practices and functions of courts and jurisprudence beyond constitutional jurisdiction. To this end, we bring together contributions from sociology of law, political science and legal doctrines on the rule of law.

The workshop is accompanied by a public roundtable on the 40th anniversary of the Zeitschrift für Rechts-soziologie / German Journal of Law and Society (in German language) and a public General Assembly of the Vereinigung für Recht und Gesellschaft (German Association for Law and Society) open for anyone who is interested.

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Attendance is free of charge. To participate in the workshop, you need to register until 28 February 2020 by email. We are happy to provide information on how to get to the venue and where to stay in Frankfurt (Oder). Contact:

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