The "Law and Society" Series

The “Law and Society” series (up to volume 29 called “Writings of the Association for the Sociology of Law”) is published by Nomos Publishers. It ties in with the international “Law and Society” movement and extends the spectrum in addition to sociological analyses to include publications from political sciences, legal anthropology, legal history and the field of economics and law. Contributions on international law and comparative studies emphasize the international orientation of the series, which publishes both German and English titles. The “Law and Society” book series offers young and established authors a forum for the publication of monographs that result from dissertations, habilitations and research, as well as pioneering and innovative edited volumes.

More on the current volumes

Series Editors: Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer, Prof. Dr. Kai-D. Bussmann, Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess, Prof. Dr. Susanne Karstedt, and Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlmann

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