Call for Book Chapters: „Inheritance – Interdisciplinary Perpectives“

Frist: 15. Januar 2022

Call for Book Capters

„Inheritance: Interdisciplinary Perpectives“

The editors write: “Inheritance catapults private intimacies into the public domain of law. Behind the seemingly strict legal formalism of inheritance, succession and probate law-writing wills/determining intestacy – lies a whole set of social, cultural, familial, and affective processes. It is this intersection of the social and the legal that

interests us. We hope to explore these questions and more and in bringing together contributions from across disciplines our aim is to demonstrate the foundational place of inheritance in law and society. We welcome proposals that look beyond legal doctrinal analysis and adopt different approaches and understandings of ‘inheritance’ from diverse fields such as law, sociology, anthropology, history, political theory, feminism, critical race studies, socio-legal studies, queer studies, and law & literature.

We welcome contributions from both established and junior scholars (including PhD students).”

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