CfP: Yearbook of Socio-Economic Constitutions (YSEC) Series 2022

Frist: 30. September 2021

Yearbook of Socio-Economic Constitutions (YSEC) Series

YSEC 2022 (third volume)

Part I of YSEC 2022 (Vol III): The YSEC invites scholars to address in original contribu- tions the socio-economic constitutional mechanisms relevant to the funding of jus- tice, in different parts of the world, and to contribute new and critical perspectives. Questions to explore, in a domestic, regional or global context, could be how recent developments in the funding of justice have affected access to justice or access to the legal data; what effectiveness and efficiency gains and losses can be noted and what risks can be identified to constitutionally protected rights? What effects, if any, do

marketisation and liberalization have on the fairness of proceedings and on the ac- countability of justice systems and how should constitutional rights be appropriately protected in this context?

Parts II and III of YSEC 2022 (Vol III): The YSEC also welcomes contributions for its general part focused on any relevant current developments in the broader field of the Yearbook’s coverage. Prospective contributors should consider that the Yearbook aims to provide a forum for doctrinal legal treatment of the questions that various socio-economic constitutions are faced with in today’s globalized context, and for contemporary analysis of the challenges that constitutional frameworks face in bal- ancing fundamental economic and social interests at the local, national, regional, and global level. Finally, we also welcome proposals for the book review part.

The full Call can be downloaded here.

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