Stellenausschreibung: Professor of Sociology of Law at Lund University

Frist: 21. November 2021

Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology of Law Department

Professor of Sociology of law

Sociology of law at Lund University is a subject within Social sciences focusing on the relationship between law and society, such as the tension between the formal legis- lation of the government and the informal emergence of norms in civil society, among other contexts. Research is conducted in fields such as gender and discrimination, AI and machine learning, children’s rights, welfare, legal cultures, corruption, migration, financial security and crime.

Teaching will be conducted in Swedish and English. A successful candidate who is not already proficient in a Scandinavian language is expected to acquire proficiency in Swedish within the first two years of employment at the level required to carry out common duties in education and administration. There is an opportunity to receive language tuition at Lund University. The application must conform to the instructions.

You can find the complete announcement here.

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